Digital Transformation for Healthcare & Pharma

IT solutions are an indispensable foundation of efficient working in the Health and Pharma sector. Without the use of IT systems, the mapping of complex processes; responding to the constantly shifting legal framework e. g. the EU Counterfeit Medicines Directive (DIRECTIVE 2011/62/EU) and all the validation and security requirements that come with it, would be extremely difficult to accomplish. Because of this we support healthcare providers, networks of doctors, pharmaceutical companies and national pharmaceutical associations through their digital transformation.

IT and process consulting that ensure your medicines are forgery-proof

The global healthcare market is undergoing some major changes. Both politicians and the commercial sector are placing an ever-greater focus on drug safety, as more and more countries hammer out the legal framework necessary to ensure that a clear system of labelling for medication packaging is established. Currently several government initiatives are already in place to help combat drug falsification and billing fraud. What exactly does serialization mean for market participants such as pharmaceutical manufacturers, contract manufacturers, marketing authorization holders and wholesalers? Our partner Arvato Systems have developed a comprehensive and fully proven serialization solution for the healthcare segment that provides end-to-end cover for the entire process chain. This portfolio includes solutions for commercial entities from small companies to globally active business groups and also covers national verification systems.

The serialization process: More than just code on a package

Whether your activities are restricted solely to a national market or you are engaged in international operations, you must ensure you meet all legal requirements for protecting against drug forgery. In doing this, however, it is important that: Your serialization solution isn't something that just operates in a back corner of your data center. Instead, it is vital that it is directly tied to your ERP software, production and packaging machinery, your external service provider's operating systems and an overarching national verification process.

Are you ready for serialization?

The clock is ticking − The serialization of medicine packaging is becoming increasingly more important. Around the world, more and more countries are drafting appropriate laws and introducing binding timescales for implementing the full serialization of prescription drugs. This will require a comprehensive IT integration project: To achieve the implementation of a serialization solution, processes and systems must be adapted for the entire supply chain. Don‘t miss hitting your deadlines! Get started with your implementation today!

Eqeep services

Eqeep wants to help you to achieve the implementation of serialization. We offer various services, including:

  1. Implementation; with our implementation partner Arvato CSDB
  2. Project management
  3. Business consultancy
  4. Integration of services

For the implementation of the serialization solution Eqeep focuses on the healthcare market in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. You have questions, need information or a contact? Get in touch with us.

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