IFS User Group Benelux

What is the IFS User Group Benelux?

The IFS User Group Benelux is an initiative of the, in 2013 founded, foundation IFS Users. This foundation has been founded to exchange experiences between IFS-users.

Worldwide IFS Network

The IFS User Group Benelux is one of the local user groups. All local groups have the same aim; sharing information about the usage of IFS Applications worldwide. Besides the IFS User Group Benelux there are also user groups active in the following regions: Scandinavia, United Kingdom, USA and Japan.


The IFS User Group Benelux:

  1. Facilitates a network to intensify the mutual contacts, causing the improvement of the contact with and the effort of IFS.
  2. Supporting her members and IFS Benelux with sharing important information. Think about knowledge of users, experiences and specific (functional) needs of members. 
  3. Informing her members by organizing user meetings and publishing of information on the website. 


The IFS User Group Benelux organizes an users meeting at least twice a year. Preferably, this meeting takes place on the premises of the members, with the aim:

  1. Bringing users (or representatives) in contact with each other personally. 
  2. Sharing experiences threw presentations about specific themes. 
  3. Speaking out for IFS as a representative for all the members.